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Leisure Pools Eclipse™ - a superb inground pool installation
Leisure Pools Eclipse™ - let us install your pool in Colorado

The Leisure Pools Eclipse™ 40

At times, working on an outdoor living project is like being a chef. You have all these wonderful ingredients, but the real key is figuring out the right way to mix them up to create the best meal.

This project provided us with an incredible view of a lake with a nice strip of land behind an existing home. The family wanted to enjoy more time in their backyard but find a way to incorporate their natural scenery. The solution: Installing a Leisure Pools Eclipse™ composite fiberglass swimming with an added element – a large stone display as eye candy and playful excitement.

The family was able to add an outdoor kitchen area to make this a true outdoor living showcase. With the elevated patio design, it allows them to view the lake behind them while soaking up the sunshine. The results demonstrate its value as their home is now where all the teenage friends come to hang out. Plus, the owners host neighborhood friends and throw an occasion work event where they can have more casual conversations with sales prospects. Like a great restaurant, their backyard and pool has a tremendous appeal across many ages and personalities. Make your reservation with us so that we can help you enjoy your well-deserved “Life of Leisure.”

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