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The Leisure Pools Supreme™ - a superb inground pool installation
The Leisure Pools Supreme™ - let us install your pool in Denver CO

The Leisure Pools Supreme™ 30

This project challenged us to deliver the following: a swimming pool that provided the maximum swimming area, a wonderful environment within a more confined space. The answer was using the Leisure Pools Supreme™ 30 composite fiberglass swimming pool as the focus of the backyard. The Supreme™ offers you the classic swimming experience as it has step in / seats in all four corners but it provides the most swimming space within it. You can easily swim laps for exercise or simply play games within the pool.

To make the environment more enjoyable, higher quality stone and pavers were used to enhance the pool. These stones also make walking around the pool more enjoyable as it won’t scratch your feet or get too hot to walk on. A waterwall was added to one side providing the soothing sounds of water falling into the pool while also providing an additional distraction for those playing in it.

Having a fire pit with a small seating area allows family members to relax by the pool or simply watch over the kids or younger friends while they are in the pool. Of course, landscaping around the pool enhances the privacy of the entire backyard while allowing everyone to feel closer to wonders that nature can provide. Let us know how we can help you enjoy your well-deserved “Life of Leisure.”

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